Le Touquet Agreement 2021

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Le Touquet Agreement 2021

The Le Touquet Agreement: What You Need to Know in 2021

The Le Touquet Agreement, also known as the Touquet Treaty, is a bilateral agreement between the governments of France and the United Kingdom. Originally signed in 2003, the agreement allows British immigration officials to operate on French soil at ports and train stations in Calais and Dunkirk, while French immigration officials can operate at the British port of Dover.

The agreement was initially signed to prevent illegal migration and human trafficking across the English Channel. However, in recent years, the agreement has come under scrutiny for its impact on individuals seeking asylum and the rising number of migrant crossings.

In 2021, the Le Touquet Agreement remains in place, but there have been some changes and developments worth noting. Here are some of the key updates:

1. Increased patrols and surveillance: To combat the rising number of migrant crossings in the English Channel, both France and the UK have increased their patrols and surveillance. This has led to several high-profile interceptions of migrant boats and an increase in arrests and deportations.

2. Calls for reform: As the number of migrant crossings continues to rise, there have been calls for a reform of the Le Touquet Agreement. Some argue that the agreement places too much responsibility on France to prevent illegal migration and that the UK should take more action to address the root causes of migration.

3. Brexit implications: The UK`s withdrawal from the European Union in 2020 has raised questions about the future of the Le Touquet Agreement. However, both governments have stated that they remain committed to the agreement and will continue to work together to address illegal migration.

4. Impact on individuals seeking asylum: The Le Touquet Agreement has been criticized for its impact on individuals seeking asylum in the UK. Under the agreement, individuals must first apply for asylum in France before being considered for asylum in the UK. Critics argue that this places undue burden on France and can lead to delays and confusion in the asylum process.

In conclusion, the Le Touquet Agreement remains an important bilateral agreement between France and the UK in 2021. However, there are ongoing discussions and debates surrounding its effectiveness and impact on individuals seeking asylum. As the issue of illegal migration continues to be a pressing concern for both governments, it is likely that the Le Touquet Agreement will continue to be a topic of discussion and scrutiny.